Workshop on AutoCAD in Mechanical Deptt

Workshop on AutoCAD in Mechanical Deptt

Date: From 30-10-2018 To 30-10-2018
Time : From 12:00 To 14:00

A workshop of AUTO CAD (design), by CETPA InfoTech pvt. Ltd. hasconducted in mechanical department on dated 30/10/2018. In this workshopstudent learnt about the fundamentals of design software that are being used inour industries for manufacturing different type of automobile parts and powergeneration equipments.

The mechanical designing software/tools are playing very important rolein the field of design. The design sector has vast area of component,aerospace, industrial purpose. Computer aided design and drafting is the use ofcomputer technology for design documentation. CAD software replaces manualdrafting with an automated process.

If you work in design field, automaton, architecture, you have probablyused 2D or 3D CAD programs. These programs can help you explore design ideas,visualize concepts through photorealistic renderings and simulate how a designwill perform in the real world. AutoCAD software was the first CAD programme,and it is still the most widely used CAD application.

The AutoCAD Software is helpful in manufacturing industry and quickerrate of production. However the cost of production may increase but we get moreaccurate product with less wastages. The designing tools and productiondrafting, greatly reducing time it takes to implement design changes. A changemade in one place instantly updates an entire project, helping you completeproject faster, smarter, and more accurately.