Seminar 22-Aug-2019

Seminar 22-Aug-2019

Date: From 22-08-2019 To 22-08-2019
Time : From 10:30 To 03:30

How to skyrockettheir career with modern IT trends & get doubled the CTC of what theyexpect.

On the outset of technology and trends change, DITM hasorganized one day seminar on the above for all the branch of Diploma &Engineering students.

Mr. Saurabh Pal who is experienced IT cloud specialist basedin Dubai had a session with our students. He delivered a great speech andmotivated students on following.

  • How they can optimize latest technology fortheir career
  • How to search jobs in abroad.

Further he explained about core values of cloud computingand uses. DITM students really enjoyed this session and get all their doubts clarified.