Date: From 18-03-2018 To 18-03-2018
Time : From 10:30 To 14:00

Speaker : Ms. Shilpa
Branch :ECE TH Year

This seminar is the introduction toBattery-less Smartphone. Battery-less Smartphone actually means a Smartphonewithout battery or the mobile which harness energy from Radio signals or wavesconverted with the help of photo diodes.

While Smartphone makers are vying witheach other to boast of 4000mAh and 5000mAh batteries in their devices, a teamof scientists have succeeded in testing a mobile phone than can work without battery as the power source.

The basic concept the research team at the Washington University worked on was that the maximum amount of energy consumed by a mobilephone is in the process of converting the signals which are in analogue formatinto data that is digital in format.

This process has been done away with in this battery-free device. Instead,the vibrations produced when a person is speaking through the tiny microphone in the handset are speech encoded and transmitted to the receiving mobile handset as such. At the receiving end, this encoded speech is converted back into vibrations, which the phone’s speaker is able to capture and you can complete the conversation.

A physical button has been provided on the demo phone to switch between transmitting and receiving modes. This is just a prototype and once the concepts accepted and mass production takes place this can always be improved upon to make it more sophisticated.

The researchers have developed a base station which can handle the transmission and receiving of the signals from the mobile device. This base station type module, the team believes can be easily integrated into the cellular network towers that the service providers rely on to capture and transmit signals. This is an interesting development and if the phone companies pick up the suggestions and work on this, battery-free mobile phones can indeed becomes reality.