On 04/10/2019 students of mechanical department visited at CIPET Murthal. In this institute students mainly studied about various machines like

 CNC Lathe,
 CNC Milling,
High speed Mixer Machine, Roto molding Machine with Pulverizer
Extrusion Blown Film Plant,
Microprocessor controller Injection Molding,
Auto Cad Software With Latest Version
Solid Works
First of all students visited the institute along with concerning authority of institute.The concerning authority explained the various mechanical processes and material handling with manual and automatic supervision or quality control.They explained the programming part of CNC and told how the CNC machine is important in manufacturing and automobile sector. CNC or Computer Numerical Control manufacturing involves operating lathes, mills, drills, and other devices from a single computer.Manufacturers program the computer with precise instructions for the products they want to make; the machines can then manufacture those products without any additional input. CNC devices dramatically improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and have thus become a mainstay of modern manufacturing.

After that they took the student in processing department and demonstrate about some injection Molding process by which many things like bottle, bottle caps,water tank, helmet glass, wire spools, packaging,automotive parts and components, toys, pocket combs,some musical instruments can be made.

  At last the higher authority took the student to seminar room and told about their institute product utilities in the market Also told the role of mechanical engineers in manufacturing and automobile industries.The students were very happy to see the exposure of theoretical processes in practical form in this institute. That helps them to understand and enhance their technical knowledge.
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