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Invitation for Convocation

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Invitation for convocation

Alumni n registration form


1. It is a matter of pride and pleasure that DITM is organizing Convocation for pass outs of following courses:-

a) B.Tech batches = 2007-2011 and 2008 -2012

(all branches)

b) MBA batches = 2008-2010 and 2009 -2011

c) BBA batch = 2008-2011

d) BCA batch = 2008-2011

2. It is proposed to be held on Saturday the 8th March, 2014. We extend our warm invitation to you to get your Degree in person on this day.

3. Details of the programme have been put on the institution’s website www.ditimcollege.com. In case you need further information /assistance, feel free to call us at +919215215185.

4. Registration form for attending the convocation and a form for registering as a member of the Alumni association are being attached herewith. They may be filled up and submitted to Dr. Archana Kumar, Convener, Convocation Committee


With best wishes


(Dr. Archana Kumar)

Convener, Convocation Committee

(Dr. Shrivastava A.K.)








Instructions for the Degree Awardees


Convocation of Delhi Institute of Technology and Management, Gannaur is proposed to be held on Saturday the 8th March, 2014. Institute pass outs of the following courses will be awarded their degrees in person at this occasion:-


a) B.Tech batches = 2007-2011 and 2008 -2012

(all branches)

b) MBA batches = 2008-2010 and 2009 -2011

c) BBA batch = 2008-2011

d) BCA batch = 2008-2011

Venue : Seminar Hall, DITM Campus

Time : 10: 30 a.m.


1. Applying for attending the Convocation

Application for ‘receipt of degree in person’ should be submitted to the convener, convocation committee latest by 26th February, 2014 through respective Head of the Department in the prescribed form which may be down loaded or procured form the college office. No request for receiving degree in person shall be entertained once the final roll has been prepared.


2. Identity slip

For admission to the convocation venue, Degree awardees are required to produce their identity slip which they should procure from their respective HoDs on the day of rehearsal.


3. Rehearsal

Rehearsal for the Convocation will be held on 7th March 2014 at 11:00 a.m. Keeping in view that convocation is a very solemn affair, it is mandatory for all those candidates who want to be awarded degrees in person to attend this rehearsal so as to get familiarized with the prescribed procedure. They are expected to abide by all the instructions that will be given by officials on duty during this rehearsal.


4. Seating Arrangement

Candidates are supposed to sit in their allotted seats. A list showing the seat numbers will be displayed outside the Convocation Hall. It will remain the same for Rehearsal as well as the main function.


Important Note:


Keeping in view limited capacity of the hall, degree awardees are advised not to bring any guests with them. No such person will be allowed admission in the hall.


5. Academic Costumes

Degree awardees are expected to come in formal dress for the final ceremony over which wearing Academic Costume (Gown and hood) is compulsory. Faculty wise costumes will be available in the college campus. They can be procured after depositing refundable security.


6. Individual Photographs of Convocation

Students desirous of taking individual photographs of convocation should deposit money in advance with their Head of Department. They can collect them at a given date after the function.


7. Special Instructions

To observe sanctity and convention of the Convocation proceedings, candidates must adhere to the following:-


(i) Please report at the Convocation venue latest by 9:30 a.m. on 8th March, 2014 and be seated in your allotted seats well before the scheduled time.

(ii) Do not forget that Convocation is an extremely solemn ceremony. Please maintain perfect silence in the hall.

(iii) Keep mobile phones switched off during the entire ceremony.

(iv) Stand up in respective seats to welcome the Academic Procession when it enters the hall and keep standing till the members of the procession have taken their seats.

(v) Towards the end of the ceremony, rise again for the national anthem and remain standing till the procession and other distinguished guests have left the venue.

(vi) In general, follow each and every instruction that is given by officials on duty in the Hall.